<b>BMX track needed</b>

EDITOR: My son is 10 years old, and he races BMX bikes. For some crazy reason, Santa Rosa does not have a BMX track. So we travel a lot — roughly 25,000 miles this year — to get to tracks not so close to Santa Rosa. We often go to Roseville, which is a 230-mile round trip.

When I am short on time, I try to take him to some of the skate parks here in Sonoma County. There seems to be one constant problem with these parks — they are filled with lackluster individuals, age 13-30, smoking weed and drinking beer. Not an environment I really want to expose my 10-year-old son to.

There is plenty of open space here in Sonoma County that could accommodate a BMX facility. This is a positive sport, and there is no room for weed or beer. It could help with at-risk youth, childhood obesity and childhood diabetes. What do we have to do to get a track put in in Santa Rosa?

At every track I go, people ask me why there isn't a track in Santa Rosa. I wish I could answer that question. Please help the community, and let's get a track right here in Santa Rosa.


Santa Rosa