<b>Fluoride 'chem-trails'</b>

EDITOR: Ken Pasek ("Fluoride options," Letters, Friday) said that if he wanted fluoride, he'd have a toothpaste sandwich. I suppose that Pasek (by channeling the spirit of Brig. Gen. Jack Ripper) is concerned about the trace addition of fluoride to drinking water by local government perhaps draining him of energy at an inopportune time. Not likely.

We, the unwilling public, know the insidious local water authority will instead contract to spread fluoride "chem-trails" all over Sonoma County, at a cost of millions of dollars but saving the public hours of tooth-brushing, children growing up with British teeth and that inconvenient trip to Wal-Mart for mouthwash and a baloney sandwich.

"Dr. Strangelove" and fluoridated drinking water do make for strange bedfellows.


Santa Rosa