Thursday's Letters to the Editor

<b>A paid vacation</b>

EDITOR: So all those "nonessential" federal employees were given a couple weeks off during the phony government shutdown. They come back and get full pay. Why? Was there nothing they could have done in the background?

If they were office workers, could they not have purged old files, updated desk manuals and flow charts, caught up on backlogs of work, revised forms, etc? If they were grounds workers, could they not have spruced up the place, especially back East in anticipation of winter storms? Maintenance workers should have checked out equipment. The list goes on and on.

I would love to know what the taxpayer cost was to give them all a free vacation. What a farce our government has become, or maybe it always was. I love the United States, but I question our leaders' intelligence and the silly ways they spend our money.


Santa Rosa

<b>A liberal double-standard</b>

EDITOR: Article 1 of the Constitution grants legislative power entirely to Congress. However, the president unilaterally changed Obamacare five times since the law was passed, including a yearlong suspension of the employer mandate. Where's the outrage voiced by liberals?

What constitutional principle is the president using as the basis for unilaterally amending the law? Yet when the House used the correct constitutional procedure to amend the individual mandate of Obamacare, the liberals portrayed it as gun-to-the head hostage-taking, sabotage of the rule of settled law.

Why is tying an amendment to a spending bill (spending bills must originate in the House) an outrage, while unilateral amendments made by the president perfectly fine?

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