<b>Time for Wysocky to go</b>

EDITOR: Why is it so difficult for Santa Rosa City Councilman Gary Wysocky to understand what against the law means ("Council fracas over contract talks," Tuesday)? Do citizens and city employees want a council member who can't comprehend what the city attorney communicates to him? If I had to be told over and over again as many times as Wysocky has, I would have been fired.

This is not the first time this sort of nonsense has occurred. I remember a couple of years ago Wysocky had to be told over and over again that pension spiking did not occur in the city of Santa Rosa's workforce, yet he insisted it did.

Wysocky's lack of understanding is a detriment to the city of Santa Rosa's well-being. He is in over his head. It's time for him to go.


Rohnert Park

<b>Have times changed?</b>

EDITOR: My mother used to say to my brother and me, "Never run for the bus." She forbade my brothers from playing with their toy soldiers and toy guns in the front yard. They could only play out back. When I asked her why, she said what she always said, "Because I said so."

When I got older (13), I pressed her on the subject. With clenched teeth she finally said, "I don't want any of my children shot by the police because they were running from a liquor store robbery or brandishing a weapon."

"That's ridiculous," I told her. "We would never rob a store, and we don't have real guns."

"That's never stopped the police before," she replied.

"Well, that was a long time ago," I told her. "Things like that don't happen anymore."

That was 1966. Unfortunately, things like that still happen.

May the Lord welcome home the soul of someone's precious child, Andy Lopez.


Santa Rosa

<b>A healthy choice</b>

EDITOR: The time has come to cease the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in Sonoma County. According to the California Air Resources Board, leaf blowers are big polluters, producing high levels of carbon monoxide. Studies by the American Lung Association concluded that a gas leaf blower can create as much exhaust as 17 automobiles. The Environmental Protection Agency advises that gas leaf blowers not be used. The era of the gas-powered leaf blower must somehow come to an end with a countywide ban for the sake of our health and the air we breathe.



<b>A clearer warning</b>

EDITOR: Regardless of whether the gun carried by Andy Lopez looked real or any other circumstances, wouldn't it be helpful if police were trained to not only shout "Drop the weapon" but also "Drop the weapon, or I will be forced to shoot and kill you"?

I can see myself as a 13-year-old thinking I have a choice to drop or not drop, but I would never think the police may shoot and kill me if I chose incorrectly. More information that is geared to what civilians would understand might be helpful in the future.


Santa Rosa

<b>Reject incumbents</b>

EDITOR: Why is anyone surprised at the goings-on in Congress and the White House? The Democrats are monkey-see, monkey-do legislators.They are afraid to say anything that might be contrary to the party's leaders. The other party wants to change things, many too radically.

Many changes are just for political purposes. These overpaid legislators want everything to stay the same. The work ethic in Congress seems to be to do as little as possible and then make a big show.

Congressional ratings are so low, but the public returns still 94 percent each election. The answer is obvious: never vote for an incumbent. Get new legislators in office at all stages of government.