April 25 Letters to the Editor

Slippery slope

EDITOR: The anti-gun crowd made quite a fuss about our legislators voting down background checks, assault weapon bans, etc. In principle, these measures, by themselves, could be acceptable to the majority of gun owners, possibly even to the National Rifle Association.

The problem lies with the anti-gunners, those, including President Barack Obama, who will not be satisfied with less than elimination of all private ownership of guns, even for home defense.

Realizing they have no chance of accomplishing this with one bill, their aim is to keep chipping away a gun rights, a little bit at a time. If the above had passed, it wouldn't have been long before other bills had come up for vote, persisting until we suddenly woke up and found it illegal to own any firearm.

This was a stinging rebuke to the Obama administration's stated goals of gun control. It behooves all of us, regardless of political persuasion, to be vigilant about protecting our constitutional rights. Big government is in control now. We the people are the only ones powerful enough to keep it under control.



Key fact missing

EDITOR: I would have expected Brian Martin ("Lake County recall," Letters, Monday) to cite his own candidacy, as covered in The Press Democrat last month ("Controversial Lake County sheriff challenged," March 25), or at least end with, "and that's why I'm running against Frank Rivero for sheriff." Without the disclaimer his letter seems dishonest.


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