<b>Why didn't he know?</b>

EDITOR: President Barack Obama didn't know about his security team spying on foreign leaders?

He didn't know about the Internal Revenue Service targeting his political opponents?

He didn't know about the Benghazi cover-up? He didn't know that it was a silly attempt to blame it on an American who made a 10-minute YouTube video months before our embassy was attacked and avoid political embarrassment during the election?

He didn't know the insurance industry is a for-profit industry that would raise premiums and cancel policies because profit not the government controls it?

He didn't know that the directors of Medicare and the Health and Human Services department didn't know how to set up the software for the health insurance sign-ups?

How could he not know so much about his people? Is he stupid? Of course not. He went to Harvard. Then he either doesn't care what his people are doing, or he is lying. I just don't know.