<b>A genius speaks</b>

EDITOR: I love reading the newspaper because I always find stories that make me feel I'm an intellectual giant — such as the story of the San Diego woman given a ticket for using Google Glass while driving ("Google Glass traffic ticket may be a first," Thursday. She is told by her cyberpals to "fight the ticket." It's so much more important that one be entertained than it is to drive, right?

And the article about the woman arrested for planting drugs in the car of a school volunteer she disliked because she felt the volunteer wasn't "supervising" her child very well ("Jail time for framing volunteer," Thursday). Of course, we all know that the supervision of children is the responsibility of the school and not the parent. And parents who use drugs to implicate others are certainly shining examples of excellent supervisory abilities. Yeah.

I feel really, really good about my intellectual capability today. Thank you, Press Democrat. You do wonders for my self-esteem.