Let the voters decide

EDITOR: I would like to know why is this Sonoma County public power program not being put to the voters for approval instead of being some whim of the Board of Supervisors ("County power agency gets go-ahead," Wednesday)? I don't want politicians voting on something as important and costly as this is.

What really bothers me is the enormous cost. Why is it that we have all this money for an unproven project but not for our infrastructure? Our roads are a joke.

Why haven't we heard from PG&E? I think that I will stay with a proven utility that has been in business for more than 100 years to supply my energy. I would guess that the Sonoma Clean Power Authority would not save us enough in the long term on our utility bills vs. the total cost of the project.

I also don't trust these supervisors who are mostly the ones who voted on the asphalt plant just outside Petaluma.



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