A memorial to Robert Coleman-Senghor, a Sonoma State University English professor who died unexpectedly in 2011 while serving as mayor of Cotati, is to be unveiled Thursday in the town's center.

The memorial was pulled together from community donations of time, materials and money, said Mark Landman, the city's current mayor, who was on the council with Coleman-Senghor.

"The road to this has been a long one, filled with numerous delays and the necessity to change directions and follow a different path several times, Landman said in a statement.

"The final outcome, though, is one that I believes accomplishes our goals and is a fitting tribute," Landman said.

Coleman-Senghor was a frank, opinionated politician who frequently clashed with critics from the dais. A former Marine, he refused to take the Pledge of Allegiance at meetings and once called for an investigation into whether he had violated the city's ethics rules. He died of a torn aorta at 70.

The memorial includes a four-foot high boulder and a bronze plaque of Coleman-Senghor's likeness. The ceremony is at 4 p.m. at Veterans Park (also known as Rose Park) at the intersection of Old Redwood Highway and East Cotati Avenue.