Local power

EDITOR: I was shocked to read your Friday editorial concerning Sonoma Clean Power ("County's rush to launch power agency"). Sonoma Clean Power would take us from the 19 percent level of renewable energy supplied by PG&E to a 33 percent level of clean, renewable energy at the outset, with hopes of increasing that level down the road.

Marin County has an existing and successful community choice aggregation program that Sonoma County has used as a model, studied extensively and can improve upon.

The source of renewable energy will be determined as the proposals of the 11 bidders to supply power are studied.

From the outset, the goals of Sonoma Clean Power are to use locally produced renewable energy and to reinvest in the creation of more clean energy within Sonoma County. All of this while keeping the costs competitive with PG&E.

Consumers will have four opportunities to opt out and continue with PG&E.

I would urge your editorial board to revisit this and to urge cities and towns in the county to become part of Sonoma Clean Power, which is a real way to move toward renewable energy and away from our addiction to cheap fossil fuel.


Santa Rosa

No more meters

EDITOR: Santa Rosa doesn't need to spend $172,000 to fix its parking meter problem ("SR council kicks parking kiosks to curb," Wednesday). The city should simply remove the parking kiosks and go back to a two- or three-hour free-parking policy. The parking enforcement officers can chalk tires just like they used to.

Think of the goodwill this would generate between the city and the business owners as well as with the customers who would feel better about going downtown if they didn't have to worry about a $40 parking ticket.

It's time for the people of Santa Rosa to tell the City Council to fix this problem. The city doesn't need to waste money on yet another fancy parking meter.


Soldotna, Alaska

A gift to future

EDITOR: In celebration of Mother's Day, I propose that mothers support Sonoma Clean Power. A gift from the present to the future, this local program would dramatically green this community's energy.

We raise our children with love and care. What more important gift can we offer to them than a life-sustaining earth? To accomplish this, we must massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sonoma Clean Power is this community's biggest opportunity to rapidly lower our emissions and inspire other communities with our example.

In the next few weeks, cities will vote on Sonoma Clean Power and giving residents and businesses the option of using the program. I urge mothers to tell their city council members, "Give us the choice." The sooner we make Sonoma Clean Power happen, the better.


Santa Rosa

No real cuts

EDITOR: I need to explain sequester to Kathy Donovan ("Airplane noise," Letters, Tuesday) and others since the Obama press, TV reporters and this newspaper refuse to do so.

All of these government agencies are receiving the same amount of money as they did last year. However, every year their budgets increase by a certain amount. This year, the increase was less than they hoped for. Therefore, no real cuts. Services should still be able to be provided.

The White House (our house) should not be closed to us. It is just the president trying to put pressure on the public so he can put us further in debt. In my household, I don't spend money I don't have, and I don't want my government to spend money it doesn't have. Particularly when it wastes so very much on duplicate programs and provides welfare and shelter to non-citizens who blow up innocent children.


Santa Rosa