Good enough for me

EDITOR: Your Friday editorial ("County's rush to launch power agency") contained a good list of issues and concerns about adopting Sonoma Clean Power, but it ignored the elephant in the room: the costs and uncertainties resulting from a delay in decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

We have clear evidence that greenhouse gas emissions are warming the Earth, melting ice and causing rising sea level and more variable weather. Plans are in place for relocating Highway 37 across the top of the bay when it is flooded. These costs and uncertainties should not be ignored.

Among other things, the editorial complains that the county lacks a plan for investing and managing assets it receives from ratepayers and reinvesting its surpluses — projected to be $19 million over the first five years. However, we do know those assets will remain in Sonoma County instead of going to PG&E and its shareholders. We also know the use of those assets will be decided in open meetings of the Sonoma Clean Power Authority. That's good enough for me. We can work out the details of that benefit when the time comes.


Santa Rosa