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Saturday's Letters to the Editor

Jobs floating away

EDITOR: I was inspired by your article about the young men who invented interlocking inner-tubes until I got to the line about sending their manufacturing to China ("New take on tubing," April 25). We constantly hear from entrepreneurs and businessmen about the importance of freedom, free markets and free trade, but then they go ahead and send jobs to and make their money in China, which is a corrupt, communist dictatorship, as well as the fastest growing economy in the world, and which punishes free dissent.

Whatever happened to Americans caring for Americans? Look to Germany to find a country in which the people and the government care for one another, with a social contract providing for both the rich and the poor. Germany keeps jobs at home, has labor represented on its corporate boards and has universal medical care. Also, its education system recognizes that not everyone has to go to college, training many from high school to do technical jobs that provide comfortable middle-class wages.

Germany, with social programs going back to 1890 under Bismarck, has risen from utter destruction in 1945 to become the economic leader of Europe, while we lose our manufacturing to off-shoring and run trillion dollar balance-of-payments deficits.


Bodega Bay

Parking tickets

EDITOR: Steve Ciaffa ("Rip out parking meters," Letters, April 27) misses one point in his argument. Although Petaluma, Sonoma and Healdsburg don't have meters, they do have parking enforcement, and if you go over your time limit, you receive a citation. Santa Rosa also employs parking officers, so, meters or chalking your tires, citations are issued. So Santa Rosa is not the only city to enforce the parking situation.



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