<b>Brutal entertainment</b>

EDITOR: Growing up in America in the 1930s and '40s, there were no school shootings. Also, there was none of the brutal violence that is routinely depicted in today's movies and video games.

In the western films of that earlier, innocent era, when we paid 10 cents to attend the Saturday matinee at the Uptown or Fox theater, cowboy heroes such as Hopalong Cassady, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers always shot the guns out of the hands of the villains, and there were never any bloody wounds. Even the monsters of that earlier era — Frankenstein, the wolf man, Dracula — made sanitary kills.

Today, the most heinous, sadistic forms of torture and killing are accepted by society as entertainment. Little wonder that some young, impressionable minds become twisted.

We also didn't have BB guns that were replicas of military assault rifles.