It featured more than 50 life-sized dinosaurs that moved, roared and squawked next to displays that educated children and adults about their vital stats.

The bloody T-rex scene didn't faze 12-year old Taylor Talcott of Sebastopol, who attended the show with her mother.

"It's nice how they show what they preyed on and how they sounded, and how they would move," Talcott said.

At a simulated archaeological dig in giant sandboxes, little ones brushed sand away from big, fake bones and skeletons.

Others blew off steam bouncing around in inflatable dinosaurs and huts.

"I did so much flips in there," said Miguel Grimaldi, 12 of Petaluma, who had sweat beads sprinkling his face.

A long line of children waited to "ride" stationary dinosaurs which swayed and rocked in place, while someone in a very realistic dinosaur costume wandered around catching people off-guard.

"The tickets are expensive, and once you get inside it's kind of small, but my little one had fun," said Annamarie, a nurse assistant from Daly City, who spent two hours driving to the event. "Seeing my son get scared by the walking dinosaur, that was the best part."

Arnold said the event costs more than some families want to spend, so he offers trades, where people can work at the event in exchange for tickets and some pay.

He said the venue was a bit small for the show, but he hoped to invest in more tents and return in six months to a year.

"I've always loved dinosaurs," said Arnold, who began the show in September after a career doing traveling retail shows. "It's the most fun I've had working in my life."

Tickets for the show, which continues from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. today, range from $12 to $20. Children ages 2-12 can get in for $12, but dinosaur rides and time in the bounce house and archaeological digs cost extra. A $20 ticket for children includes unlimited rides. Adults pay $16, and seniors and military can get in for $14.

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