A Sacramento man suspected of being a pimp was being held on $1.1 million bail Monday at the Sonoma County Jail after a woman asked for help getting away from him, Sonoma County sheriff's detectives said.

Nathan Earl Lee was arrested Sunday on suspicion of false imprisonment, torture, mayhem, threatening a crime with the intent to terrorize, pimping, pandering and human trafficking, Sgt. Ruben Martinez said.

Lee came under investigation after someone reported a disturbance between two women who were apparently refusing to pay a taxi driver at a south Santa Rosa hotel, Martinez said.

As deputies interviewed two women and Lee, who was with them in a room, one of the women asked for help getting away. She said Lee had assaulted her, was holding her against her will and forced her into prostitution, Martinez said.

Both women are from outside Sonoma County, and one is from out of state. One had visible scars, Martinez said.

Lee was scheduled to be arraigned today. The women were referred to Verity and the Crossing the Jordan Foundation.