The eighth tree-sit of the Willits bypass protests began May 3, five days after the two remaining tree-sitters voluntarily abandoned their trees.

Humboldt resident Travis Jochimsen's spot is marked by a large banner pleading with Gov. Jerry Brown to "do the right thing," and stop construction of the bypass. He was one of the five tree-sitters removed during a large CHP operation April 2.

Jochimsen, 30, was arrested in 2011 as part of the "Arcadia Four," a group of tree-sitters who occupied a grove of oak trees. The trees were slated for removal by Los Angeles County to be used as a sediment dump.

A delegation of 30 Willits residents, including city councilwoman Madge Strong, met with representatives of Gov. Brown's office Thursday, said Rosamond Crowder, a member of the delegation. The group also held a demonstration on the steps of the capitol Friday.

A second delegation is headed to Los Angeles for a meeting of the California Transportation Commission Tuesday to protest additional funding to Caltrans for the bypass project.