<b>GMOs are unsafe</b>

EDITOR: The Monday opinion article "To label or not to label" was smattered with untruths by the usually reliable Economist magazine. To wit, "the technology boosts yields, reduces pesticides and is a crucial tool against global hunger." All are false.

Further, the article said Americans have been eating "modified" food for two decades without ill effect, and nearly all scientists believe that "modified" crops are safe. Has the Economist forgotten about Starlink corn, which caused serious allergic reactions in hundreds of people? The world's leading GE food scientist, Arpad Pusztai, has said that GE food could not be considered safe. Modified means genetically engineered by inserting a gene from one species into another's DNA.

The article stated that the well-run (read well-funded) opposition to Washington's initiative to label GE food cut its lead from 45 percent to 4 percent in six weeks. It also used the phrase "identifying the most beneficial applications of GE technology." There are no benefits, only negative side effects, including decreased nutrition, lower yields, allergens, increased pesticide use and damaged soil microbiology from use of herbicides.

No safety studies are required for GMOs, and they have never been proven safe.



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