CHP officer Mike Phennecie was on patrol on Highway 101 early Tuesday morning near Healdsburg when he saw a Volkswagon Jetta and Honda Civic approaching in the opposite direction at a high speed.

As the cars blew past in the northbound lanes, his radar gun showed just how fast they were moving: 112 mph.

Phennecie quickly changed directions and sped north. When he caught up with them, near Canyon Road in Geyserville, the Volkswagen was just a car length ahead of the Honda, and both were going 100 mph. The Honda driver made a sudden lane change and cut in front of the approaching patrol car, almost hitting it, Sloat said.

The officer then put on his lights and siren and both drivers pulled over.

Other drivers heading up the highway began to stop at the scene. They wanted to tell the officer the two cars had passed them at extreme speeds, Sloat said.

Driver Miguel Cardenas, 26, of Santa Rosa was in the Volkswagen. The Honda driver was Abelino Cardenas, 38, of Cotati.

Phennecie arrested them on suspicion of street racing and driving without a license. Their cars were impounded for 30 days.

Both remained in the Sonoma County Jail Wednesday afternoon without bail because of immigration holds, according to jail records.