<b>Growth machine</b>

EDITOR: Sonoma voters should be highly skeptical about the false promises and scare tactics used by the pro-growth cheerleaders whom Bob Mosher calls "the profiteers" in his eloquent letter in support of Measure B ("Limit big hotels," Nov. 7).

Sonomans might profit from the sad example of Calistoga. Last year, citizens were talked into approving two huge, inappropriate resorts. Voters were told the mega-resorts would give a big boost to business and solve fiscal problems. Residents were assured that new revenue would "stabilize water and sewer rates, possibly lowering them" and that "if all the planned developments were to be built . . . water and sewer systems would break even without requiring significant rate increases."

The big boost in the local economy may come to pass — sometime in the distant future. Meanwhile, there is serious doubt whether water/wastewater service is adequate even for present residents. Adding to the outrage, our City Council is planning a big increase in water rates. So a word to wise Sonomans: Beware of the hollow promises and dubious threats of the growth machine. Vote yes for your town.



<b>Pointless letters</b>

EDITOR: A recent letter took my breath away. It asked if Andy Lopez was a problem child ("Catering to protesters," Tuesday). And his point was? He went on to ask if Andy's parents were in the country legally and where they were employed. OK, so let me play this out — legal and gainfully employed? No green card, no job, accidents happen. The shooting is a travesty. I question whether The Press Democrat should even print this type of letter.



<b>At odds with headline</b>

EDITOR: Better odds? ("Lopez family suit: Civil court offers better odds," Nov. 9.) Good going, Press Democrat. Nice headline. Better odds? Is this a horse race? What happened to all the marches and speeches about justice?

When push comes to shove, justice seems to be about how much money can we get. Is the money going to bring back a son? Is the money going to take away any guilt the deputy may have about the incident? Wait, he only gets the guilt. Anyone out there think that the lawyers won't benefit the most?

I hope that any monetary amount that is left for the Lopez family will help them overcome their loss. I cannot imagine money would make me feel so much better about losing a child.


Santa Rosa

<b>A dying ocean?</b>

EDITOR: Starfish in tide pools in Northern California are melting, dissolving. Sea lions wash ashore dead. Whales are dying and/or developing tumors. Schools of dead krill wash up on shore. Are the Pacific Ocean and all its life forms being affected by the tons of radiated, contaminated water flowing out of the damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan? Is the Pacific Ocean dying? Will the world ocean summit in San Francisco report on this?

Wake Up and remember the smell of the lovely ocean air.

The world is ready to unite. Report.


Santa Rosa

<b>Unneeded, unwanted</b>

EDITOR: So, here we are. No one listened in 2010 as Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming tried to tell everyone that millions of people would lose their insurance with Obamacare. The majority in Congress didn't even read the bill.

I couldn't and can't afford health insurance. I resent the government trying to tell me what I can afford. How can the government determine whether I can afford Obamacare when it cannot balance its own budget?

I am sort of sick of hearing from President Barack Obama that the government's health care is a better plan. It is only better because you are paying for something you don't need or want.

Why would a woman almost ready for Medicare (I'll never benefit from that now) need an insurance policy to cover maternity and infants? I'll tell you why. So I can pay for someone else to have babies that they can't afford.