Visions of Enron

EDITOR: I read, with some amusement, all the glowing letters in support of the proposed Sonoma Clean Power agency. Go to for some opposite views. Does anyone remember Enron, the energy trading company? If the state of California can get scammed, what are the chances that our myopic Board of Supervisors will oversee this in our best interests?

I'm sorry, but the supervisors cannot even maintain our roads.

We all want green power and to save the planet, but in this case, I believe that is just a hook to pull us in. PG&E is regulated by the state Public Utilities Commission. This new entity would be regulated by no one. PG&E gives seniors and low-income folks a break; will the supervisors? I doubt it.

If you believe that your power bill is not going to soar exponentially under this plan, then, I have a hot stock tip for you: Enron, baby.