The third suspect in a triple slaying near Forestville that happened during a marijuana deal has been cleared for extradition from New Mexico and is expected to appear in a Santa Rosa courtroom next week, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Francis Dwyer, 65, will arrive in Sonoma County on Tuesday and be brought before Judge Gary Medvigy on Friday, prosecutor Traci Carrillo said.

Dwyer is charged with three counts of murder in the Feb. 5 slayings at a home on Ross Station Road.

He's accused of fleeing the state afterwards with his son, Odin Dwyer, 38, and Mark Cappello, 46, both of Colorado. Cappello, the suspected shooter, was arrested Feb. 14 in Mobile, Ala., and the Dwyers were arrested Feb. 26 in their respective states.

Police were aided in their capture by surveillance camera photos taken from a gas station.

Francis Dwyer resisted extradition from Truth or Consequences, N.M. He was ordered to be turned over to California authorities at a hearing last month, a New Mexico prosecutor said.

Cappello and Odin Dwyer have been in Sonoma County jail since March. The bearded men appeared in court Wednesday to hear an update from Carrillo about their alleged accomplice.

They have pleaded not guilty to the slayings of Todd Klarkowski, 42, of Boulder, Colo.; Richard Lewin, 46, of Huntington, N.Y.; and former Sebastopol resident Raleigh Butler, 24.

Their bodies were found in the rural home where Butler's mother lived.

According to charging documents, Cappello shot the victims when they met at the house to buy marijuana from Butler. The Dwyers are believed to have assisted in some way.

On Wednesday, both sides discussed the timing for a preliminary hearing, which is expected to run one day. A date was not set.

Defense attorneys said they had just received 101 pages of police reports and other information from sheriff's investigators.