A Sebastopol woman charged with killing her mother can be forced to take medication in an effort to restore her mental competence, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Julia Franzen faces a murder charge in the Feb. 4 slaying of Nancy Franzen at her Tocchini Road home. Earlier this month, she was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial.

At least one psychiatrist diagnosed her with paranoid schizophrenia. Another doctor testified Wednesday that she suffers from an unspecified psychotic disorder. Dr. Christopher Wadsworth said she could be a danger to others and is unable to assist in her defense.

After hearing his testimony, Judge Jamie Thistlethwaite ruled Franzen can be injected with anti-psychotic drugs if she refuses to take the medication orally. It was unclear if she was being uncooperative so far.

At a May 24 hearing, the judge is expected to determine whether to send Franzen to a mental hospital or keep her at the jail while she attempts a recovery.