EDITOR: With all the accidents in our crosswalks, I have to address the attitude that so many people seem to have regarding same. A marked crosswalk is not a safe zone for pedestrians but an area where pedestrians and automobiles mix.

Forget what the driving laws say. When in this area, assume a driver is going to do something stupid, like run you over. You are not safe until the car comes to a stop. Always assume it will not.

I am appalled at pedestrians, young and old alike, who use crosswalks as if they are shielded from harm, not even looking at any approaching cars.

And I'm not happy about the new Sebastopol crosswalks with flashing deck lights, asphalt colors and textures plus old-fashioned street lamps or flashers with lots of swell landscaping, which, by the way, obscures any pedestrian who is waiting to proceed out onto the no man's land. This is a case of making something so safe it is dangerous.