<b>Conspiracy theories</b>

EDITOR: Friday's editorial cartoon brought back memories. On the day John F. Kennedy was shot, I was working for the Los Angeles Times. It was my day off, but as soon as the news came on the TV, I called the office. Of course it was busy. I called the sitter and went to work as did all the rest of the staff.

Sheer bedlam. Everyone answering the phones was crying, and all the callers were crying. Some expected us to have a kind of special knowledge, but what was striking was that the callers claimed to know things — "It was the Cubans." "It was the CIA." "It was the left wing." "It was the right wing." "It was the FBI."

And I'd be willing to bet that those same people believe they were right at the time and still think so, and no amount of evidence will ever change their minds.