<b>Police too aggressive</b>

EDITOR: Here we go again. The Santa Rosa police response to the stabbing of the Midrose High School teacher was over the top and in the same league as the sheriff's killing of Andy Lopez ("SR teacher stabbed," Thursday). The teacher knew who stabbed him and many students saw the kid leave campus, yet the police locked the Elsie Allen campus down, treating the student body and faculty like inmates in a prison.

There was no security risk. The principal should be reprimanded for going along with the militaristic police antics instead of taking the welfare of her student body into account.

Over the many years of law enforcement's overreactions, I thought perhaps it was a few bad apples, but it's not. The entirety of Sonoma County law enforcement needs to be retrained. Enough of war games in my city. It's no longer a park in Andy's honor or justice for Andy, it's time to take back our city from our own law enforcement establishment and re-establish order.


Santa Rosa