In the wake of a series of residential burglaries in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa police asked residents throughout the city to keep a close eye for suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

Three burglaries and one possible attempted burglary took place the afternoon of Nov. 18, including two on Yerba Buena Road, Sgt. Phil Brazis said.

Police suspect the burglaries were committed by the same person or people because of several factors including the fact that in each case the unknown culprits broke into side or rear doors.

It's common for a burglar to knock on a front door to see if anyone is home and then enter through the back or side, police said.

Police also offered several tips:

- Lock the windows and doors when leaving home.

- Don't leave the car unattended and running in the morning to warm up, as each year numerous cars are stolen after opportunistic thieves find keys in the ignition.

- Don't leave packages, presents or valuables visible in vehicles.

- When placing items in a vehicle's trunk, keep an eye out for suspicious people nearby watching the parking lot.

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