If winner Tejay van Garderen is the emerging face of American cycling, he's already being pushed by even younger riders. One of them, Lawson Craddock of Bontrager, sat to his left at the post-race press conference Sunday.

Craddock, 21, captured the white Best Young Rider jersey.

"I'd love it if the path was as quick as his, rising to the top of his sport," Craddock said of van Garderen. "I mean ... he's going to the Tour (de France) to defend his Young Rider's jersey this year. To see him do well, not just in this race but in races all across the world, is really motivating for me, and I think the whole team. To me, the Young Rider's jersey is one of my favorites to win and to wear. I like to think I pull off white really well."

Craddock has at least one admirer who counts.

"He's gonna win a lot of races," van Garderen said. "I'm a big fan of his."