EDITOR: Here's another factor: the police must not be looking hard enough! After reading the article "Ticket slowdown," I drove a mere 4.4 miles to work and counted 19 turning violations. Nineteen!

Yes, you do need to use your turn signal when you change lanes and even when you are in a turn lane — it's the law.

"Writing tickets is the least desirable part of our job," said Sgt. Ken Savano of Petaluma.

Ah, now I understand. Imagine, in just 4.4 miles they could have raked in $4,446 on turning violations alone. A day's worth of those fines might help bring drivers education back to our high schools where kids have to spend an entire semester learning the rules of the road instead of learning from their parents, some of whom could use a refresher course themselves.

We can talk about speeding, tailgating, using a cell phone, entering a crosswalk occupied by pedestrians, "California stops" and reckless driving another time.


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