EDITOR: Sometimes it's best to ask forgiveness than seek permission. That's how I feel about dealing with the archaic and Machiavellian regulations that Sonoma County imposes on homeowners who try to abide by the code.

Case in point; to renovate an existing structure on my property I'm required to perform an eight-hour pump test to show that there would be enough water — for what? Four people to be able to shower at the same time?

So I'm required to waste eight hours of water on a pump that was tested only a couple of months ago and had a flow rate of 20 gallons per minute. That's well above the minimum requirement. And during an ongoing drought and amid the constant reminders about how water is such a scarce commodity.

So not only am I required to waste my well water but what about the electricity to run my pump for eight hours and the stress on the pump to run continually for eight hours? Will the county replenish my well water? No.

Will they reimburse me for repairs or a replacement pump if it should be damaged? No.

The clerks at the county admit how wasteful and out-dated this is but their "hands are tied," they say.

This is wrong and wasteful on so many levels. It's no wonder people perform so many repairs un-permitted.

Now I know why the tea party exists.