Owners of Bernese Mountain dogs will rally in Santa Rosa on Sunday to help a family find the dog that became frightened and ran off from his new home during the Nov. 21 windstorm.

The 90-pound "Boo" had come to Santa Rosa just that day from Ukiah. His family, Mike and Beth Gallatin and their two daughters, had just settled into a new home near the cemeteries on Franklin Avenue.

The Gallatins have searched and posted flyers, but so far have come up empty-handed. Beth Gallatin said they suspect that someone may have taken in their friendly, 5-year-old dog.

Santa Rosa resident Kathleen McKenna, who's long favored Bernese Mountain dogs, learned of the Gallatins' search and invited other fanciers of the breed to come together to put up flyers and spread the word that Boo is missing.

McKenna said Bernese Mountain dog keepers will gather at noon Sunday at the sculpture garden near the new Boudin Bakery at Montgomery Village.