This went on for the better part of three days. "I was almost starting to doubt it," Baker admits.

Tired but determined, 63 women from 18 nations were on the 13th attempt last Saturday when the formation formed and, for several seconds, held. Jubilation rained onto southcentral Arizona.

Baker, whose primary sponsor was AspenAir Inside of Rohnert Park, said she and the others will train and tune and, in time, go for an even greater record.

"They're my sky sisters now," she said.

As we might imagine, she finds it difficult to describe what it's like to create a choreographed formation while hurtling through the air.

"It's almost," she said, "like dancing with God."

<b>LET'S EAT OUT</b> on Thursday, perhaps the best day of the year to visit any of more than 80 of Sonoma County's biggest-hearted restaurants.

It's the day of Dining Out for Life, when the owners of cafes, bistros, burger bars, taverns and fine restaurants throughout the county donate a generous share of the tabs to Food for Thought, the Forestville-based AIDS Food Bank.

Volunteers at the participating eateries welcome diners, enter them in a free drawing and invite personal donations to the essential works of Food for Thought.

For breakfast and lunch, I'll be the Dining Out for Life ambassador at the Soltani family's landmark Mac's Deli in downtown Santa Rosa. Love to see you there.

<b>YULETIDE DUCKS:</b> Something quite holiday-spirited will happen at the Christmas tree lot at the corner of Santa Rosa's Dutton Avenue and West Third Street.

Military veterans will be at Mark's Christmas Tree Lot both days this weekend and next to sell their adorable and nearly famous buck-a-duck "Rubber Duckies for Wounded Warriors."

They'll donate all sale proceeds to the relief fund for Petaluma combat veteran Monte Bernardo, who lost his left hand and both legs to a bomb blast in Afghanistan on the Fourth of July in 2012.

<i>Chris Smith is at 521-5211 and</i>