A 69-year-old Lake County woman was attacked in her rural Cobb home early Tuesday morning in an apparent robbery attempt.

The Lake County Sheriff's Department said the woman awoke to a sound at around 3:30 a.m. and walked into her living room. She noticed her cat focused on a door that leads to her garage and as she walked toward the door, it suddenly opened. A man with his face covered by some type of clothing rushed into the room.

"The victim said the suspect knocked her down to the floor and proceeded to kick her three or four times," according to Lt. Steve Brooks. The intruder dragged the woman into the garage and told her he was going to tie her hands.

Fearing that she was about to be killed, she began to violently resist, Brooks said. The man then suddenly walked out of the garage and out the front door of the Lema Lane home. The woman watched the man get into the passenger side of a vehicle that drove away.

The woman did not require medical attention.