A Sonoma man was convicted of molesting a relative, Sonoma County District Attorney Office officials said Tuesday.

A jury Monday found Kenneth Donald Hutchins, 65, was guilty of four counts of sexual molestation involving a 9-year-old relative and possession of child pornography, District Attorney Jill Ravitch said in a statement.

The conviction could bring a sentence of more than 25-years-to-life in prison at a Jan. 29 hearing before Judge Dana Simonds.

Hutchins was arrested the morning of Jan. 16 after the victim, then 8, told her brother that Hutchins had sexually molested her, Ravitch said. Sonoma County sheriff's detectives investigated the case and found child pornography in an end table in Hutchins' living room.

Ravitch applauded the child for telling her brother about the abuse and "courageously testifying at trial," she said in a statement.

"Child molestation is too frequently difficult to discover and prosecute. Consequently, this verdict sends a strong message, in addition to holding the predator accountable," Ravitch said.