Russian River Brewing will release its cult favorite beer Pliny the Younger on Feb. 7, the 10th annual release of the extremely hoppy, and extremely limited production beer, co-owner Natalie Cilurzo announced Monday. Pliny — consistently one of the top-rated beers on websites such as Beer Advocate and — will be available for just two weeks at Russian River or while supplies last at other places. It will be available at the downtown Santa Rosa brewpub and at a very limited number of bars in California, Oregon, Colorado, and the city of Philadelphia.

The brewery makes only around 1,900 gallons of the brew every year, and beer fans wait in long lines to get a single glass. The brewpub release is becoming a major tourist draw to the county, the Sonoma County Economic Development Board reported earlier this year; Pliny the Younger generates an estimated $2.4 million in economic activity for the county, from both direct sales and indirect effects such as tourism.