"We've put ourselves in those positions to give ourselves a chance to win, and that's a positive," Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Thursday. "But ultimately, it's our job to seal the deal. And that's what we've got to continue to strive toward."

In the four games the Raiders have played since a 49-20 blowout loss to Philadelphia on Nov. 3, all four were up for grabs in the fourth quarter. The only time the Raiders won was 28-23 in Houston when the defense held the Texans without a touchdown on three red zone possessions in the fourth quarter.

The Raiders led the New York Giants 20-14 in the third quarter but fell 24-20. They were up on Tennessee 19-16 in the fourth quarter and fell 23-19. On Thanksgiving against Dallas, the Raiders were up 21-14 with less than six minutes remaining in the third quarter and fell 31-24.

"What you learn as a rookie is that every game is close," quarterback Matt McGloin said. "A lot of things happened in the second half and the fourth quarter. You have to stay focused and you have to finish. The most important thing is finishing."

If form holds against the Jets, the Raiders will get off to a great start and struggle at the finish. With an 86-41 advantage in the first quarter — including an NFL-best five game-opening touchdown drives — only the Denver Broncos at plus-49 have outscored their opponents by more points.

The flip side is the Raiders have been outscored 95-40 in the fourth quarter, a 55-point disparity that is the highest in the NFL and well ahead of Cleveland's 39-point deficit.