Lowell Cohn: Home-field advantage won't be enough to hold off the visitors

I don't usually get involved at this level, predicting the outcome of a game, giving the score. That's for beat writers. Today, I'm breaking my rule.

Seahawks 23, 49ers 19.

Today's game is a big game. "Big" hardly says it, is inadequate as an adjective. Most adjectives are inadequate. Don't get me started on adverbs.

This game is so (big, huge, gigantic, enormous, whopping) I want my say. I refuse to stand on the sideline cradling a clipboard.

Today, the 49ers either show they are an elite team, one to be feared in the playoffs, or they prove they're just another pretty good team, a team which may or may not make the playoffs. And if they do make the playoffs, they exit stage left pretty quick.

This game means everything to the 49ers, and that may be good for them — it adds the motivation factor.

The 49ers also have the historical factor. Call it the advantage of history. They have done well in rivalry games. They usually beat Seattle at Candlestick Park. You know all the historical reasons to pick the Niners. I know all the historical reasons.

Forget history. Why? Because, by definition history is in the past. It's over. I look at these two teams right now, look at them as dispassionately as I can, and the Seahawks are better than the 49ers. I see Seattle winning a close, exhausting, grim game between two proud, tough teams giving everything they have.

I don't see the 49ers scoring 20 points against the Seahawks' defense. The 49ers scored seven points against the Colts, nine points against Carolina, both games at home. That's who these Niners are, low scorers. They won't go off today and score tons of points. Just not built that way. Plus, the Seahawks match up great against the Niners.

You want specifics? Here are specifics.

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