A crab boat caught fire Wednesday morning at Bodega Bay just after pulling into port to unload its catch.

The Bodega Bay Fire Department said the engine fire at Spud Point Marina was put out quickly, but the 33-foot boat's motor was destroyed and there was smoke damage throughout the cabin.

The catch was salvageable.

"They had a full load of crab they were bringing in," said Capt. Justin Fox. "They had just pulled up to offload, and the boat caught fire."

He said a hose used to fill the catch tank was used to douse the fire.

"Lots of folks working working at the dock really saved the boat," he said.

The Coast Guard and Bodega Bay Fire Department also responded.

He said the boat's hull appeared to be in good shape and the crab, valued at a reported $10,000, was also saved for market.