Caltrans crews Thursday wrapped up a six-month safety improvement project on Highway 116 and Madrone Avenue in Cotati, city manager Dianne Thompson said.

The $690,000 project added 350-foot left-turn pockets in each direction of Highway 116 at Madrone Avenue and a 5-foot shoulder on the south side of the intersection.

The project is designed to improve access to Madrone Avenue from Highway 116, Cotati mayor Mark Landman said in a statement.

"This is a clear benefit for our citizens, one our community has been hoping to see accomplished," he said. "We would like to thank Caltrans for funding and carrying out this project for Cotati."

Housing in Santa Rosa

Housing units constructed in Santa Rosa in the last 5 years: 1,258

Housing units possible on 3 county-owned sites in Santa Rosa: nearly 1,200

Chanate Road, former county hospital complex

Size: 82 acres

Total units proposed: 867 (162 affordable)

Sales price: $6 million — $11.5 million

2150 W. College Ave., former Water Agency headquarters

Size: 7.5 acres

Total units proposed: 144 (29 affordable)*

*New development proposals being solicited

Roseland Village shopping center, Dollar Tree site

Size: 7 acres

Total units proposed: 175 (75 affordable)