<b>Capital offense</b>

EDITOR: Since the killing of Andy Lopez, it has been horrifying to learn just how many heartless people there are in this county — people who believe that non-criminal actions on the part of a young boy make his killing by Deputy Erik Gelhaus acceptable.

Carrying a toy weapon without an orange tip? Then he deserves to be dead. His parents didn't teach him not to play with guns (despite a culture that worships them)? Then he deserves to be dead. Turned around to see who was talking to him? Then he deserves to be dead. Didn't do things perfectly — at age 13 — as, of course, you did? Then he deserves to be dead.

Many in this county have made being 13-years-old a capital offense.

Let me ask something. Why did you let this death culture steal your humanity — your very soul — and when are you going to start fighting to get it back? Life is a lot less ugly on the caring side. Try it. You just might like it.


Santa Rosa