Middle-income jobs

EDITOR: Tony White ("Income inequality, poverty here at home," Close to Home, June 1) informed readers of the decline of middle-income, decent-paying jobs in Sonoma County and asked how we can reverse this decline in middle-income, semiskilled employment. One way is to support such jobs by saying no to self-serve options popping up in grocery stores, movie theaters, ferry boats and even the Golden Gate Bridge.

Banks have eliminated thousands of tellers' jobs and saved tons of money by installing ATMs, but they have increased fees astronomically. It is costing more for less service and has profoundly decreased the number of salaries that could have been spent in this community at your business or the business that employs you.

If people would pass up the ATM and go to a teller or a checker in the grocery store, more jobs would be created thereby passing more money into our economy. You will also have a friendly, smiling face offering help and wishing you a good day. Who knows, it may have such a positive effect that you, your underemployed adult child or your neighbor may get a middle-income-paying job.

Shop local, and just say no to self-serve.