Lake County supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved an ordinance that will ban outdoor marijuana growing in residential neighborhoods.

It will go into effect in 30 days, said Supervisor Rob Brown.

Marijuana advocates had threatened to sue if the ordinance was adopted. They said the proposed regulations unfairly and illegally limit their right to grow medicinal pot.

The rules allow only indoor growing in residential neighborhoods. They allow limited outdoor growing on parcels larger than an acre, with up to a maximum of 48 plants on agricultural parcels larger than 20 acres.

County officials and many county residents said the rules are necessary. They said rampant pot growing keeps residents from enjoying their own properties and is keeping some tourists at bay.

The proposed regulations extend and tighten rules that were adopted by supervisors last year.

The revisions include rules aimed at preventing fires at indoor marijuana-growing operations and controlling environmental damage from erosion and pesticides.


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