<b>SMART stops short</b>

EDITOR: Monday's editorial lauding SMART's possible connection to our airport ("Bay to airport: A good start for SMART") adroitly manages to obscure a key point: There's a substantial difference between "near" the airport and "to" the airport.

"Near" currently means "about a mile" (or more) from the terminal. "To" means "at" the terminal. "Near" means getting off the Tooterville Trolley on Airport Boulevard, waiting for the shuttle, schlepping one's bags and family onto the bus and repeating the process at the airport, or vice-versa on the return leg. Sure, that's a lot like long-term parking at SFO, but it's also a long way from BART-at-the-door.

As your editorial concludes, this isn't exactly what we were promised when we (that is, some of us) voted to approve SMART.