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Thursday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Better decisions</b>

EDITOR: In regards to the Andy Lopez case, I have heard very little discussion of justifiable vs. necessary actions. Let me explain.

If a person takes a swing at a police officer and is arrested, that arrest is justified. However, if the officer was belligerent and caused the situation to escalate, the arrest was never necessary.

Since my time as a police officer in the 1980s, I have seen an increase in aggressive tactics and an almost us-vs.-them attitude by police. The taser has replaced reasoning with people, and deadly force is often far too quickly used.

When I lived in Idaho, I protested the shooting of a man who was asleep in his estranged wife's house after being invited over for dinner in violation of a court order. While it was known the man was asleep, Meridian police threw open the door and startled him awake. He jumped up with a knife, and they shot him dead. The shooting was "justified" as he was a threat, but good decisions by police would have made his death unnecessary.

This is my attitude about Andy Lopez. The deputy may have had to shoot at the time but better decisions up to that point may have prevented it from reaching that point.



<b>Misplaced fears?</b>

EDITOR: With all the dire predictions of drought, the photos of a relatively bone dry Lake Mendocino and everyone talking about how awful it is, a simple look at the Farmers Almanac might shed some insight. And yes, an actual farmer told me the prediction, so I looked it up. Here it is: "Winter will be much rainier and cooler than normal, with mountain snowfall much greater than normal. Most of the rain, snow, and storminess will come in January and February, when storm damage will be a concern. The coldest periods will be in mid-December and mid-to-late January."

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