Felipe Alou played on the sandlots of the Dominican Republic and in the low minors at Cocoa, Fla., Lake Charles, La., and Springfield, Mass. His distinguished big-league playing career included four seasons with the Giants when Candlestick was their home field and seven as a visiting player.

He has never been known for hyperbole, so consider his perspective on Candlestick Park, as quoted in Brian Murphy's 2008 book, "San Francisco Giants: 50 Years":

"... the single most difficult park to play baseball I ever saw, anywhere, at any level."


Changes to Station 5 on Newgate Court are aimed at meeting disability access requirements. They include:

— Removing a kitchen island and lowering the height of the sink, counters and outlets; $59,967

— Replacing the sliding glass door leading to a patio outside the workout room with French doors with a lower-profile threshold; $37,169

— Widening two doors leading to the engine bays by an inch; $34,867

— Adjusting a variety of clearances and location of various items in three bathrooms, such as grab bars and shower heights; $38,259

— Replacing the bookshelves in the day room with a counter an inch lower than the existing one; $13,114