<b>Don't shout. Talk</b>

EDITOR: I love "Duck Dynasty." I also have learned from it, mainly about being OK with who you are and enjoying your life. My opinion on gays and my thoughts about growing up black in the South in our times are a long way from Phil Robertson's. My belief that we need to treat each other with love and respect is right in line with his.

And here is the thing: You, I and Robertson all have the right to think and believe what we want. It's fine for Robertson to believe homosexuality is a sin and fine for the LGBT community to think he is homophobic for saying so. It's fine for A&E to decide how to handle it and fine for folks to get angry about how A&E handled it.

It's all fine, and it makes me want to puke. Not so much because of what happened but for the lost opportunity, for the way so many of us jumped up pounding our chests, so infused with the righteousness of our truth that what we did was scream at one another. I'd feel a lot better if we used that blood gift of free speech to talk with one another about what we think and believe.