An errant burglar standing too close to a window he was trying to break got a bloody wrist that led to his arrest Thursday night, police said.

The window was broken with a cue ball from a pool table, said Sgt. John Snetsinger of the Santa Rosa Police Department.

"We got called about a subject bleeding profusely from the wrist, and we got there and found him," Snetsinger said. "He was really uncooperative with us, but we followed a bloody trail to the building and we found a broken window with blood on it."

The vandalized business was on the corner of Benton Street and Mendocino Avenue. The cue ball looked like it had been thrown through the window, Snetsinger said.

"I think he was really close to it when he threw it," Snetsinger said.

Kyle Schaller, 28, of Santa Rosa was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism, and on an outstanding felony warrant for burglary and violation of probation.

After treatment for his injuries, Schaller will be going to jail, Snetsinger said.