A shared campus?

EDITOR: It seems that not only is Santa Rosa's new Cesar Chavez Spanish-English immersion program looking for a home, but, at the same time, the French-American program is getting a bad rap for introducing expensive organic lunches.

What I see happening as expressed by sentiments in comments and opinions is that the French-English program is being put into the "elite" category and the Spanish-English program is being put into the "ghetto" category. We are talking about very similar goals and outcomes for these programs, the only difference being the language of instruction.

In Glendale, the Benjamin Franklin magnet school has instruction in four languages —German, French, Spanish and Italian — and they co-exist in harmony. Has the Santa Rosa school board considered making a home for the Cesar Chavez school on the same campus as the French-American school? This could alleviate the stress of Cesar Chavez' temporary home at Comstock, allowing the schools to work together toward mutual goals as well as bridging the gap that seems to be presenting itself between socio-economic groups.


Santa Rosa