Paying or disputing a Santa Rosa parking ticket may soon get easier following a City Council decision to outsource much of the work to a private firm that specializes in the field.

The City Council signed off Tuesday on a $225,000 three-year contract with a Tustin-based company that promises to save the city about $60,000 a year.

The savings will come from laying off a temporary customer service representative and an anticipated increase in collections from owners of out-of-state vehicles.

Local meter readers will still issue tickets and parking officials will continue to handle appeals, but everything else will be handled by the private firm, including customer service, processing payments over the Web and telephone, database management and collections.

The more efficient process is expected to make it easier for people to pay tickets and allow faster processing of appeals.

While the council unanimously agreed the contract was a good idea, Councilman Gary Wysocky lamented the loss of a local job.

"It just bothers me when we're outsourcing another job. You can't sugarcoat that," he said.