1.<MC> The answer is D.

<MC>2.<MC> Petaluma is longest at 29.4 minutes; Healdsburg is shortest at 21.1 minutes. Give yourself an extra point for coming within two minutes on the commute times.

<MC>3.<MC> The answer is D. The City Council ended up appointing Robin Swinth to fill the seat left vacant by Susan Gorin's election to the Board of Supervisors.

<MC>4.<MC> The answer is B. Plaintiffs allege an 1877 county map confirms that the road is within the ranch's boundary. The two sides are in settlement talks.

<MC>5.<MC> The answer is B.

<MC>6.<MC> The answer is C. Agilent formed two companies with one being based in Santa Rosa.

<MC>7.<MC> Marine Maj. Nicole Mann is the Rancho Cotate High, Naval Academy and Stanford graduate who was one of eight new astronaut trainees named by NASA in June. One day, this jet pilot and former soccer star from Penngrove may walk on an asteroid or visit Mars.

<MC>8.<MC> The World's Ugliest Dog contest.

<MC>9.<MC> True. Police opted not to issue a citation because the PG&E worker left voluntarily.

<MC>10.<MC> The answer is C.

<MC>11.<MC> True. Mayor Joe Callinan is the son of Mayor Pete Callinan, who would later become the city's longest running city manager.

<MC>12.<MC> The answer is C. In the aftermath of the controversy involving a CVS Pharmacy in the downtown, the City Council imposed a moratorium on chain stores. The council voted in October to extend the moratorium.

<MC>13.<MC> The answer is A. The committee passed a version of Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's "homeless bill of rights" bill that protects such "life-sustaining activities" as sleeping on sidewalks and urinating. But the bill later ended up being stalled in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

<MC>14.<MC> The answer is C. When the eastern span opened this fall, the total cost for reconstruction was $6.4 billion. But the work is continuing.

<MC>15.<MC> The answer is C.

<MC>16.<MC> The Montgomery Village project completed under the aegis of a city arts ordinance included garden statuary of children at play ordered from a catalog. The shopping center owner said he liked the completed project, but a member of the city's Art in Public Places Committee called it "schlock."

<MC>17.<MC> The answer is D. After starting two points in the hole due to a penalty, Oracle Team USA won eight straight races to win the America's Cup in San Francisco Bay.

<MC>18.<MC> The answer is C. City officials decided to cancel all meetings, close City Hall and send employees home at noon due to "hostile postings" on social media. What those postings were remains a mystery. City Attorney Caroline Fowler also sent an email to the council blaming the cancellations on "the irresponsible actions of certain persons who have now endangered our city employees." What those actions are also remain a mystery.

<MC>19.<MC> Protestors began tree sitting to block construction of the Highway 101 bypass around Willits.

<MC>20.<MC> Jacob became the first medical marijuana dispensary owner to be named mayor of a U.S. city.

<MC>21.<MC> Former Cowboys and 49ers star Larry Allen upon his induction in the pro football Hall of Fame.