EDITOR: Your editorial Saturday ("Protecting our natural heritage") on the Endangered Species Act properly castigates those in Congress who would weaken it. Has it escaped your attention that the enemies of our eagles include the president?

Less than a month ago, he granted wind companies a 30-year free ticket to kill dozens of eagles per year. This would be in addition to the 60 eagles per year killed at Altamont Pass. Raptors such as eagles generally soar, riding the thermals. In this case, they ride what feels like a thermal straight to their deaths, being decapitated or having their wings torn off by the tip of the blade, which travels at well up to 170 mph.

The president, the Audubon Society, the World Wildlife Federation and essentially all wildlife protection groups share the moral guilt over having accepted this price to pay for "clean energy."

A single 300-foot wind tower costs a million dollars to manufacture and erect. How much extra would it cost to develop some means of protecting the raptors? For example, a simple circular net spanning the area swept out by the blades would at least make the entire area visible to the birds (and sonar "audible" to the bats, now dying at the rate of 600,000 per year).


Santa Rosa